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Inspection of large structures and civil infrastructure

  1. Measurement principle
  2. Laboratory  prototype

1. Measurement principle

The SCADD system is based on geometrical optics techniques with laser illumination. Its main characteristics are:
  • Measurement principle: telemetry by scanning of a laser beam. By measuring the delay of the optical signal reflected from each inspected point, the system renders a component transverse to the illumination direction of the displacement of that point.
  • Measurement, in each scan, of a set of aligned control points, being each point defined by a retroreflector attached to the structure.
  • Illumination and detection from the same module similar to a small rack in size, located at one end of the structure to inspect. No wiring or sensors have to be deployed along the structure.
  • The foreseen measurement accuracy and the spatial and temporal sampling density are adequate to the application of techniques for structural integrity evaluation based on the Dynamic System Characteristics (DSC) like natural frequencies, dynamic flexibility or mode shapes.
The intended application of the SCADD system will consist of field data acquisition of structure vibrations.

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2. Laboratory prototype

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