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The current research areas of the “New Materials” group are all related to the application of radiation provided by commercially available pulsed lasers. The temporal and spatial coherence of the laser radiation allows us to select photochemical processes as well as accurately localize the region to be processed. The monochromatic character of laser radiation allows us to induce specific chemical reactions as well as very precisely manipulate the radiation by optical components, thus localize the volume in which such reactions can occur. An additional advantage of laser processing, especially using pulsed lasers, is that the irradiated energy can be concentrated in ultra-short pulses allowing not only the above mentioned photochemically induced processes but also the ultra-fast thermal treatment of materials for crystallizing or evaporating of solids.
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Specific research areas
  • Processing of Biomaterials (Bioglass, Hidroxiapatite, biomorphic SiC) and Production of coatings through
    Laser Ablation (PLD)
Betty León
Pio Gonzalez
Julia Serra

  • Processing of thin film Semiconductors (SiGeC) and Dielectrics (SiON, high-k) and surface treatment on nano- and micrometer scale through different laser assisted techniques (Annealing, LCVD, ELC, PLIE, Ablation)
Betty León
Stefano Chiussi
  • Production of micro- and macrostructures for biomedical aplications
Betty León
Stefano Chiussi
  • Restoration of art works through laser techniques
Betty León
Stefano Chiussi
  • Applicacions of femtosecond lasers
Betty León
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